Broad Range of Services

By the provision of the Marpol 73/78 convention, all Port Authority, signatory to the convention, are to provide Reception facilities to receive ship generated waste when vessels call at their Ports. This activity has been concession arrangements to private operators by the Ghana Ports and Harbour's Authority.


Jokjim Company Limited is one of the private companies and provide the state-of-the-art methods disposals of all types of waste from all Maritime operations, including:

  • Receipt of all hazardous waste both solid and liquid from vessels that berth at the Main harbour, fishing Harbour and Anchorage;

  • Recycling of oil – oil/water separation

  • General waste incineration

  • Sludge and oil mud Management

Our Services


Special Services

Consultancy in Waste oil recycling

Disposal of Solid waste into its Bio digester at the Tema Industrial area

Oil and Water separation


Our Operational Assets and Equipment

  • 450 MT tanker Vessel – MT Segullah

  • 10 tanker trucks of various capacities

  • Recycling plant with a centrifuge Machine

  • 200 cubic meter Anaerobic Biogas digester

  • State of the art cleaning equipment

  • 20 seated capacity training room